The Benefits of an Explainer Video

The Benefits of an Explainer Video

The most annoying aspects of researching a company is that you are unable to determine the specifics of what they offer or offer from their website. If it’s a confusing corporate website or generic stock photos or even no website in the first place is a sure way to dissuade prospective customers.

Even if you’ve got an attractive website that has multiple pages that detail the services you offer and describing your company’s values and values, one thing that could make your company be noticed is an explanation video.

In this article (and it’s something you already have heard) People love videos. It’s a means to attract people, keep them engaged, and keep your audience to hear your message.

Explainer videos are an easy concept that it provides a summary of your business in only one or two minutes. Although it’s simple in its nature however, the second version from an explainer film is more detailed and thorough.

Let’s explore the reasons every company should have an explainer video, and how best to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.

What is an Explainer Video?

A explainer video can be an effective tool for marketing that helps describe your company’s main offerings and provide your audience an understanding of your company’s identity and the things you offer.

The most popular type of explainer video is a business overview. There are also other kinds of explainer video that can educate your audience.

Overview of the company
Overview of the product or service
Hybrid meet-the-team

Whatever route you choose to go with explaining videos, these benefits of using an explainer video company will help you improve the effectiveness of your video marketing.

1. People like video when learning about a Product or Service, or a company.

It’s redundant, because I’m sure that everyone knows the importance for video advertising, however it’s worth noting.

People love video.

A study found that the average person consumes at least an hour a half online video content every day. This isn’t just of Instagram Reels, beauty tutorials and hilarious cat videos (although there are plenty of time watching them too!).

Consumers are also keen to view videos from companies at all stages of the buyer’s journey, particularly during the awareness phase. A study revealed the following: 96% consumers have watched an explainer film to gain more information about the product or service, and 86% of them have been convinced to purchase the item after watching a short video.

The key to a successful marketing strategy is knowing the mindset of your intended customers, reaching their needs where they’re as well as providing pertinent, informative information that is targeted specifically at them.

If your target audience (and the vast majority of people in general) prefers video instead of text, why not tailor your content to their preferences.

2. Explainer Videos Save Time

Apart from being a favorite media for most people and is also the important benefit of explainer video that can’t be undervalued.

In today’s fast-paced world which we all live in and the pressure to maximize your time every day is vital to keep on the right track for your short-term and long-term objectives.

Your customers are likely to face similar challenges at the same time so it’s crucial that you respect customers’ schedules as well.

A video explaining your company’s services gives prospective customers an in-depth overview of your business, which will help them quickly (and quickly) determine if they’re willing to move forward with your offerings.

While explainer videos are useful for your intended viewers, they can also be highly beneficial for the sales staff.

It’s a common occurrence for salespeople to be running against the clock and hoping for more time.

Enter explainer videos.

In order to set up meetings with leads who are new sales reps can include a video explaining the meeting in their calendar invitation or email. The client will be able acquainted with your company through the video explaining your business and will likely provide answers to some of the most simple questions that they may ask about the location of your business and the length of time you’ve been in business, the products and services that you provide, etc.

In the event that you offer an explainer video prior to an initial meeting your sales team can save time during the initial meeting to concentrate on the needs of your clients and answer more specific questions instead of discussing what your business is doing.

It is useful in any pitch or pitching presentation as well. If you show an explanation video from the top, you’ll be able to quickly get into the details of your presentation and explain how your business can assist the company or person that you’re pitching.

And don’t just get it from us. This is something that supplier diversity managers from Facebook as well as Microsoft have provided us with to help you organize your messages and presentations and also distinguish yourself from others.

3. Explainer Videos Are Attention-Grabbing

Apart from the fact that there’s just not enough time to complete all the tasks accomplished, another issue that many individuals face is the fact that they have a limited attention span. (I myself can’t remember how many breaks I’ve had to write this piece and I’m just about half way through.)

If you’re feeling the exact feeling, you’re not the only one. Research has shown that how the attention span for humans is only 8 seconds.

In this regard it’s crucial to grab the attention of your audience immediately It’s the same for any video that promotes your business. It’s a good thing that the majority of people prefer to watch videos rather than read text, you’ve got an advantage when it comes to capturing your viewers with an explanation video.

Animated explainer videos, particularly can be a fantastic method to showcase your company in an attractive manner.

If live-action videos are more appropriate for your company using storytelling and deliberate, thoughtful b-roll could aid in establishing the company’s identity and what you can provide.

4. Explainer Videos Can Help Improve SEO

If you’re willing to acknowledge it or not, search engines are a part of our lives. from Google through YouTube through Bing and even Amazon Alexa, we turn on technology to assist us in answering some of the most simple and the most complex questions.

Video is a major factor in this.

Did you remember that I mentioned how many people would rather watch videos while studying something (I am referring to how you forgetthat, I keep saying the topic!)? Search engines understand that preference, and will reward sites that make videos.

Video is responsible for 157% more organic traffic coming from the search engine results webpages (SERPs).

If you place an explanation video on your homepage site, you’re boosting the chances of ranking in search engines, which could help new customers discover your company’s name.

5. Explainer Videos are simple to share and can be shared anywhere

Apart from putting an explanation video on the home page of your website is also a fantastic tool to utilize throughout your social media platforms.

Sometimes, a potential prospect might stumble across the business’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter pages first. If that’s the case, place your explainer video on at the very top of your page, to give the new user an introduction to your company.

As mentioned previously it is also possible to send the link to your explainer video to prospective customers via email, social media messages calendar invitations and much other ways.

The power of sharing can be advantageous when it comes to referrals also. When one customers wishes to recommend your company to a colleague or friend They can forward your video of explanation together with an email link to your website.

6. Explainer Videos Can Be Repurposed

Similar to the way an explainer video is simple to share and publish across various platforms and platforms, it is also able to be reused or reduced to be used as a marketing asset.

You can create an e-mail version that is shorter to conform to Instagram’s guidelines for time or utilize footage you’ve taken for an explainer video for future marketing videos. This can be a cost-effective method for you to maximize your value for your money.

If you choose to go with an animated explainer, another benefit is the possibility of repurposing designs and characters for future uses, whether that’s animations or design-related deliverables, such as infographics, presentations and website landing pages and social media.

7. Explainer Videos Help Build Brand Awareness

Did you consider that it can take 5 to seven impressions before someone can recall your brand name? In this light, sprinkles (or showering, actually) on your brand’s personality, colors slogans, logo and voice on an explainer video will aid in boosting the recognition of your brand.

Consumers want to feel they know the people who run a company – their purpose and their values and all of this can be conveyed via an explanation video.

If you follow our suggestion of promoting an explanation video on your website as well as social media platforms and other channels, you stand a better likelihood of getting between 5 and 7 views.

Integrating an Explainer Video into Your Marketing Strategie

Contracting for a new business can be similar to an initial date. Two people getting acquainted with each with a drink and dinner.

Although you’re probably not going to a fancy restaurant where you’ll be meeting a new client, you’ll be looking to present yourself in the best light and create a great impression from the first moment.

Explainer videos can act as an ice-breaker in the first meeting.

It’s not just a way to provide an instant overview of your business however, perhaps even more importantly it will make more time available to get to know the other company’s goals in terms of marketing and their needs for the project.

When you think about creating an explainer video for your company Consider the following benefits:

People love video
It saves time
Improved SEO
It is easy to share and post anyplace
Increase brand recognition

Don’t leave a potential client confused about who you are or what you can offer them – walk them through your offerings in a quick and captivating way.

The most annoying aspects of researching a company is that you are unable to determine the specifics of what they offer or offer from their website. If it’s a confusing corporate website or generic stock photos or even no website in the first place is a sure way to dissuade prospective customers. Even if you’ve…