Binance vs Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange Comparison

Binance vs Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange Comparison

The two largest cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe include Bittrex as well as Binance. Exchanges play an important function in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They function as a valid intermediary between the fiat and cryptocurrency world. The two major kinds of exchanges are

The exchanges allow you swap certain cryptos such as Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin to other cryptos.

Fiat-to-Crypto are exchanges that are suitable for beginners. They allow you to purchase cryptos as a substitute for currency that is fiat. Coinbase is a perfect example of a fiat-to-crypto swap which lets you purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash as a substitute for fiat currencies.

If you’ve been in the world of cryptocurrency for a significant amount of time and are seeking better alternatives, Bittrex and Binance are the best exchanges to look into. They are the next move from the beginning exchanges like Coinbase or Gemini. This article is a an information guide for comparison to help you comprehend the difference between Binance as well as Bittrex exchanges.

How does Binance work?

Binance is an Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange which provides its users with high-quality charts, trading tools as well as security features. Binance began trading in July 2017. In the early months of 2018 Binance has been credited as being the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. It has launched the blockchain platform Binance Chain and a cryptocurrency known as Binance Coin.

What exactly is Bittrex?

Bittrex was launched on the scene in 2013, in 2013 by Bill Shihara and Richie Lai. It is a cryptocurrency based in the United States. exchange, with its headquarter at Seattle, Washington. The people who founded Bittrex were security experts working at Microsoft. It is a trust-based and sophisticated digital asset trading platform built on the latest technology of Bittrex. Security is the main goal of Bittrex and the platform incorporates numerous layers of security and has a range of security tools to ensure your money is secure.

In the wake of gaining an understanding of Binance vs Bittrex, let’s be aware of the different distinctions in these types.

1.Features Binance

Order matching- As a result of it’s popularity Binance boasts a strong matching algorithm that process 140,000 transactions per second. Therefore, Binance is one of the most efficient cryptocurrency exchanges.
Binance CoinBinance Coin is the token of origin of Binance inspired by Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain.
Liquidity is a essential requirement for exchanges. Binance is the most active order book on the market and is able to trade more than 400 cryptocurrency. Since the cryptocurrency market is trading at a very competitive price Binance can take orders for trading quickly.
Coverage of devices- Binance is available on a variety of platforms with two different options, namely the basic mode and more advanced. Advanced mode lets you analyze cryptocurrency in depth. Binance is accessible on various platforms like Windows native client native Android client HTML5 client for mobile devices, and REST API.
Multilingual support – This makes Binance accessible to all people around the world. Binance is a multilingual platform which supports 13 languages like Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Korean, German, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Vietnamese.


Security- It employs an elastic, multi-stage , wallet method to ensure that the majority of the money is stored in cold storage to ensure security. Two-factor authentication has been made available.

Quick withdrawals and deposits It provides a fast and automated monitoring system to give users quick transactions as well as updates on balance, trade, and account information.

The trading engine has been built specifically for the purpose and designed to be flexible and to ensure that orders are processed in real-time. The APIs that are simple to use allow for algorithmic trading as well as other third party trading platforms.

Inspiring innovation and aiming to offer a growing selection of blockchain technology and digital tokens for its customers. Every new digital token that are offered on the platform must go through an exhaustive review.
Compliance commitmentCommitment to compliance Bittrex is in compliance with present U.S. regulations that detect or prevent illegal behavior of cryptocurrency developers and users.

2. Pros and Consof Binance

Binance – Pros

The most competitive costs.
Provides a mobile-friendly trading app that works on equally iOS along with Android.
Simple and simple registration procedure.
It helps users purchase or sell their items and trade more than 100 different cryptocurrencies.
Encourages two-factor authentication.
Solid customer support.


The interface for users can be daunting for those who are new to the game.
Fiat deposits are not accepted.
Doesn’t have the same longevity as other platforms.

Bittrex – Pros

Many features are focused on security.
Supports around 300 digital currencies.
Two-factor authentication is highly recommended.
It’s easy and it is easy to use for those who are new.
Supports crypto-to-crypto trading and fiat-to-crypto trading.
It’s been around for a half-decade.


The higher fees for trading in comparison to other platforms.
A long and tedious process of verification.
Challenging customer service.
Lacks mobile application.

3. Methods of Funding

Since the two Binance as well as Bittrex are both crypto exchanges You can make deposits to your accounts by using cryptocurrency. While you can transfer any cryptocurrency supported by Binance however, it is advised to deposit only the ones that are trading pairs. This includes:

Binance – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin.
Bittrex- Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin.

4. Interface

The Binance interface displays candles and volume information. To see depth charts, you have to open a separate tab. Switching between currencies is easy with Binance. You can also place limit, market and stop-limit order on the exchange.

Bittrex has the standard graphs we usually find on a trading platform like depth charts, volume bars as well as candlesticks, as well as the order books all on one page. The user is able to switch between different coins to make it easier to analyze. From the central area of the page for trading users can design conditions and place limit orders.

5. Available Cryptocurrencies

The two Binance along with Bittrex are famous for the wide range of cryptocurrency that can be traded through them. They provide more than 100 coins for trading that include Ethereum, Tether, and Bitcoin which include:

Bitcoin Cash
Stellar Lumens

6. Fees for trading

Binance offers a transaction fee of 0.10 percent per trade. The cost will be decreased to 0.05 percent when you pay the fee with Binance Coin (BNB). These are the platforms which charge the lowest fees on the market for cryptocurrency exchange.

7. Fund Security

Although Binance does not have a clear understanding of its security procedures however, it has demonstrated that it is able to keep money safe. In the past, Binance was subjected to an attack using phishing/API that affected traders using a particular trading bot. Its staff at Binance immediately stopped withdrawals once they realized that there was a fraudulent issue and reversed any trades necessary to return the funds to the users.

The people who founded Bittrex have a solid cybersecurity background and are very concerned about security of funds. The flexible multi-stage wallet strategy employed by Bittrex holds the majority of money of the user offline. Bittrex also employs IP address detection as well as two-factor authentication to guard against fraud.

8. Customer Support

Binance offers a solid customer support. If they encounter any issues with customer support requests due to sheer volume that they receive, they will communicate with customers through Reddit as well as Twitter and attempt to resolve the issue.

Bittrex also has an easy-to-follow and highly-rated support website. There is also a space to submit support requests and has a wealth of FAQs. Following the reopening for new user registrationprocess, Bittrex’s support team Bittrex has increased the size of their support team and pledged themselves to offering better customer service.

9. Transfer Limits

There is no limit on deposits in Binance. Limits on withdrawals per day is based on the level of verification.

No verificationneeded – 2 BTC.
ID verification 50 BTC.

The transfer limitations of Bittrex are more restrictive in comparison to Binance because its headquarters are in the United States. There is no restriction on the amount of money you deposit however you cannot withdraw money without confirmation.

No confirmation – no BTC.
Basic verification ~0.4 BTC
Identification verification (with 2FA) 100 BTC.
Identification verification (without 2FA) 1 BTC.

If you’re looking to have more privacy, Binance could be a better choice.


It is impossible to be wrong with either Binance as well as Bittrex. Both are exchange platforms that are similar, that offer a variety of features. The final choice depends on your preferences and the type of currency you want to trade. If you’re one of those who is adamant about the credibility and trustworthiness of a U.S.-based business You must look into Bittrex. If you’d like to join the top-rated platform for trading but pay less then you should consider Binance. Both of these exchanges are great choices for users as they can expect a high-quality experience since both provide the absolute security and protection your digital assets need. Both exchanges have features that appeal to the users. Users are able to choose which one is right for them.

The two largest cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe include Bittrex as well as Binance. Exchanges play an important function in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They function as a valid intermediary between the fiat and cryptocurrency world. The two major kinds of exchanges are The exchanges allow you swap certain cryptos such as Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and…