Why Use Translation Services?

Why Use Translation Services?

If your company is expanding into foreign markets, it’s likely that you’ll need translation. What is a professional translation service for your company?

You want your brand to succeed. So, it makes sense to choose suppliers who are professionals. If your business is expanding abroad, you’ll probably need translation services. There are free, online services, and an English teacher can be cheaper. Why do you need to go the extra mile and seek out the services of a professional translator? What benefits can an experienced translator bring?

1. No embarrassing errors

As the latest poor-quality translation (link to Spanish) from the Spanish Santander tourism website has demonstrated, errors could make your business appear bad. The managers of the city’s tourism website relied on Google translate. People were misled by suggestions to visit the historical helmets or Loot Centre, as well as mistranslations of the old town’s historical significance, and Centro Botin. It’s because Google translate struggles with words that have multiple meanings.

An excellent example of the risks of not hiring professionals one was at the Galician produce fair which was mistranslated in the form of the Clitoris festival. Local officials in In the Northern Spanish town of As Pontes wrote the announcement in Galician as one of the official languages in the region. Google Translate was used to make the Spanish version, but it was confused with it with the Portuguese form of the term, which refers to both clitoris and vegetable. Such errors can generate publicity, but poor translations can make your company look unprofessional.

2. The expertise you get from professional linguists

If you use professional translation services, you know you’re working with linguists who are trained. Besides studying languages, the individuals handling your text have completed a course in translation. They’re aware of how to tackle those terms with many meanings which Google translate can’t manage. Being a professional translator is certified means that they’re quicker than someone who does your translation on their own time. They might employ software for translating to help them work faster and ensure the consistency of their work.

3. Experts in translation and specialists in your field

Professional translators typically specialize in a few areas. If you employ a professional translator with expertise in your field, you know they understand the business or industry you operate in. It’s not like taking your cat who is sick to the dentist, and the same goes when it comes to translation. A professional translator who specialises in your industry can provide the best quality service. They’ve decided to focus on a particular field and are familiar with your kind of text.

4. Translations that get results

If your text is a translation of a marketing message, Google translate will not cut the mustard (just do Google to translate that word into several other languages). If you want to sell, you’ll require a professional translator who is familiar with the ropes of SEO translation as well as marketing translation. Be sure that your translation brings at qualified leads. A translation company that understands SEO will increase the visibility for your brand. Amateurs are unlikely to provide this service and Google translate certainly won’t.

“Bad translations will make your brand look unprofessional.”

5. Professionals who belong to professional networks

Professional translators work together with translators. They sometimes work with agencies, but the majority of professional translators have a network of reliable colleagues they collaborate with or call on. This is what this means to you? It implies that your freelancer could suggest a colleague even if the project is outside their area of expertise. They can offer you different options, such as editing by a friend. Professional translators collaborate with others. This means that ongoing or long-term projects can be covered even in the event that one translator is not available.

6. Always on time delivery

A professional translation company may use their expertise to determine how long the job will take. They can provide you with the time frame for the delivery and you can plan around that. If you’re working with an individual who’s not experienced or does not speak English for work, it’ll take them a bit longer. They may need to wait longer for inquiries and questions. If you’re using professional translators, you’ll know what you’re receiving and when.

7. A clear set of terms and conditions

Professional freelance translators run a business. This means they’ll have their own rules and conditions. These will include payment terms and delivery conditions, as well as the type of text, copyright, confidentiality, and much more. A professional translation service provider will mention their terms and conditions in your offer. So, you know exactly what you’re receiving.

8. Transparency throughout all stages

As with Written terms and condition is the issue of transparency. Professional translators produce written quotations to clients. These include crucial information such as the project name and length, type of the project, cost, delivery format and date. The client accepts the quote along with the terms and conditions before the project begins. This ensures that everyone is happy with the work and helps to avoid any miscommunications.

9. Confidentiality

It could be that the documents your business must translate are commercially sensitive or need to remain confidential. Utilizing Google translate isn’t a guarantee that the information you provide is protected. Google’s terms and conditions of service grant Google more freedom with your information than you might realize:

“When you post, submit, store or send content on or through Our Services, you grant Google (and the other companies we collaborate with) an worldwide license to host, use, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such ones resulting from modifications, translations or changes we make so that your content will work better with our Services) Communicate, publish publicly, perform, publicly display and distribute your content.”

It’s the same for any translator who’s not professional and is not subject to codes of conduct. Professional translators typically belong to professional associations, which all have code of conduct. Part of good conduct is to protect the privacy of your client information. Professional translators will likely specify the confidentiality clause in its terms of service and policies. Important for commercially sensitive documents.

10. Consistency

Trained linguists are also well adept at ensuring consistency throughout your text. Professional translators typically utilize software to assist their clients with this, especially when dealing with large texts. This is especially important when you’re planning to reuse or recycle text in different ways. It’s not a good idea to have inconsistencies bringing the brand image down.

With experienced translators, you are aware of the quality of services you’re receiving, and you’re sure you’re getting an excellent deal.

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If your company is expanding into foreign markets, it’s likely that you’ll need translation. What is a professional translation service for your company? You want your brand to succeed. So, it makes sense to choose suppliers who are professionals. If your business is expanding abroad, you’ll probably need translation services. There are free, online services,…