Why A Professional Web Design Matters For Your Bradford Business

Why A Professional Web Design Matters For Your Bradford Business

Good web design can boost your business, while poor design could hinder the growth of your business.

In this post, I’d like to discuss 10 reasons that prove your website must have an outstanding design. We at Silverback Web & Marketing we believe that good design should encompass both design and function.

Form is how your site is designed and how it is
Function is how your site performs and transforms

For your business, you require both. A beautiful website won’t increase the size of your company if it’s not specifically designed for conversion of leads to buyers. Studies show that websites with good design perform better than poorly-designed ones. Below, I’ll share 10 proven reasons for why the layout, as well as the design and function of your website is crucial in the growth of your business.

1. The numbers aren’t lying A good web design sells.

I’ve heard our clients who are contractors marketing tell me something along the lines of:

“I don’t care what the design of my website looks like, as long as I’m getting leads!”

It is true that such a claim due to two reasons:

(1) Have I seen very ugly websites get lead… as well…
(2) I’ve seen extremely slick websites which were not generating any leads in any way…

But, misperceptions and completely falsehoods are built on the basis of facts. In reality, if you wish for your business to expand and perform to its best research shows that good design is crucial. For many businesses it’s the sole factor that differentiates them from their rivals.

If you own an enterprise that is a contractor, you must make sure you differentiate yourself from the many local contractors offering the same services. It is common to offer quotes to the same customers. What sets you apart from other companies? Price? Statistics show that professional design puts you apart from your competition and can convert more leads.

2. We eat by looking at our food

Have you heard of the old adage “you consume food through your eyes?” This common saying is a simple way of saying that a big portion of the reason food tastes good is how it looks. I’ve learned this from making breakfast for my children. Making the plate is as important as preparing the food.

This is also true for web design Bradford and business. We eat our food with our eyes. We make choices with our eyes. When I’m looking for a contractor to fix my home, I make decisions about each contractor based on how their website and their company appears and feels. If they don’t appear and feel professional , I’ll hit to return and continue looking.

Advertising professionals know that even though consumers pay for goods or services however, the way they pay is influenced by “packaging.” In the event that you think of “packaging” your company along with the service you provide your website serves as the packaging.

3. You have just 50 milliseconds in which to make a strong first impression

If your website isn’t well built, you’ll experience an extremely high bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the percentage at which people who visit your site click”back” (or bounce) off of your website. It is possible to get traffic but how long should the user stay? You want them to be intrigued and engaged. They should also click the other pages of your website to know more about the services you provide.

It takes around 500 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for visitors to form an opinion on your site. It only takes a fraction of a second to determine if they are satisfied with your website or not, and if they’ll remain or go elsewhere. This figure was derived from 3 studies that were conducted to determine the speed at which people make their judgments about website’s visual appeal.

4. A well-designed web page must provide an unique mobile experience.

A good design will always keep the user’s experience in the mind of the user. But, the experience will be quite different when you view your display on a computer than on a phone. It is crucial that your site looks great on all platforms. Actually, I think that the mobile website is much more crucial. In 2016, the amount of internet traffic was higher on mobile than desktop and has now reached 60% of the traffic on the internet.

5. Design is More Than Just How It Is Designed.

It’s a popular misconception that design is just about how something appears. However good design begins by thinking about the way it functions. Design is the art that follows. It is usually communicated using the words “form” as well as “function.” The function is the first priority, however the form is closely related to function and is an integral element of the overall package. For example, the primary function for the iPhone is that it’s an electronic device that operates apps that play music, and also takes photos. The design and design of iPhone is is so easy to use that even my 2-year-old and my mother-in-law could get started with it with almost no instructions. There is no doubt this. iPhone is extremely well-designed.

There’s a well-known saying: “Good design is invisible,” which simple means that the design can be experienced. It’s not just about the way it looks. Design that is attractive may not be noticeable but bad design isn’t. Anyone can spot an unappealing, difficult to read website right away. A well-designed website will feel and look amazing. It should be simple to read clean, clear and smooth. It will also be enjoyable.

6. The brochure site vs . a marketing site

In the past, websites were essentially business cards. A company might have websites to inform people that they exist, provide an outline of the business and include the contact details of their business. Nowadays, a website must be more than that. According to the research above, customers conduct the majority of their research online prior to deciding to make a decision to purchase. This is why they would like more than an offer to call

What’s the distinction between a brochure-style site and a site for marketing? The primary distinction is in the final purpose. A brochure website is designed to display their work, and hope that the customer will do business. A marketing website is created with the prospect in mind and is designed to convert the lead into a purchase.

A brochure website puts very no thought on the customer and their interaction with your company. It’s all about your company and not so much about the client. The typical message is “Call us’ …'”Call us” or “Visit our Contact page.”

A website for marketing gives a lot in the user’s experience, and aims to transform the user from being an uninvolved visitor to a paying client. It’s all about the customer.

To comprehend the user and get them to interact with your visitors via your website, it’s first essential to understand the audience you are targeting and then your audience using the design and language of your website. It is also essential to create strategies or plans to guide visitors through a sequence of experiences that result in a conversion.

7. A great web design highlights the things that make you different

What’s the first thing a potential visitor will see upon arriving on your site? What are you would like to highlight? Newspapers always feature information that is captivating and captivating “above the fold.” Your website features an area for fold. It is essential to highlight your UVP prominently – over the fold.

An Unique Value Proposition (UVP) often referred to as a unique selling point (USP) is a precise description of the value of your product, the way you meet the needs of your customers and what differentiates you from your competitors. (Unbounce)

A great UVP should be able to answer the following questions:

What your product or service helps solve or improve the quality of life for customers
What advantages can customers expect from their customers?
Why they should choose you rather than your rivals

The value you offer is what makes that people purchase from you. The more compelling it is your value-added proposition, higher the conversion rate.

A well-designed site will display your UVP in an attractive, clean and captivating manner. It’s the first thing that a user is presented with when they arrive at your website. It will be obvious what issue you are solving and why you’re the most qualified to resolve it.

8. The best website motivates people to Take Action

The second important thing to consider when designing a well-designed web page is the fact that it needs to include a clear call-to-action (CTA). What is a “call-to-action? It’s exactly as it is. It’s a message or an invitation to get your guests to take a particular move.

They are all over the place. For instance, when you’re watching television, you’ll hear “Call today!” or “CALL or CALL NOW!” Or, when you visit certain websites, there’s a possibility of seeing the option to click or a pop-up with a message such as, “SIGN UP FOR A FREE EBOOK!” or GET A FREE 10-day trial!” Each of these are examples of an “call-to-action.”

If you have visitors actually visit your site, you need to engage with them. Do not just talk about yourself and then hope that they contact you. Instead, make use of the CTA to get them involved.

Here are a few of the best methods to create effective CTA’s that generate leads:

Create them to be action-oriented
Use Persuasive Text
Make sure to include strong visuals
Make a sense of Urgency
Make them easy to locate

The call-to action not only entices visitors to take action, but it establishes the goals and deadlines to ensure that visitors can be enticed to make a conversion. Utilizing Google Analytics, you can establish your performance goals on the basis of your call-to action button.

If, for instance, you have a clearly defined call-to-action and inform Google that your objective is to generate clicks for your call-to-action Google can inform you of how your website is performing by analyzing how many people actually have clicked your CTA. This brings us to the last aspect of a well-designed site.

Good web design can boost your business, while poor design could hinder the growth of your business. In this post, I’d like to discuss 10 reasons that prove your website must have an outstanding design. We at Silverback Web & Marketing we believe that good design should encompass both design and function. Form is how…