Ten reasons why a SharePoint intranet is your best option

Ten reasons why a SharePoint intranet is your best option

Have you decided that you think a SharePoint intranet is right for you? What options do you have?

You can make something from scratch with the help of the templates and tools offered by SharePoint. Take a look at the SharePoint Lookbook, which contains ready-made templates.

We offer a fixed-price package for businesses that want to establish a SharePoint intranet. This is an enterprise intranet that is more likely to be successful than an DYI approach.

You could consider an intranet-in a-box solution like LiveTiles that seamlessly integrates with SharePoint however it enhances the overall user experience.

We often get requested by intranet teams and IT departments what the most suitable basis technology choice for an intranet. We always respond with confidence SharePoint as well as SharePoint Online. According to us, it is the most flexible solution for an intranet and offers the best value, especially when you’re using other Microsoft tools such as Yammer or Teams which can be integrated into SharePoint Online. If you’re on Office 365 then a SharePoint Online intranet is an obvious choice as the license is included.

Naturally, every company is unique, which means the intranet you need to provide is unique to each company. The budgetary constraints and the structure of your workplace digitally can also play a role in figuring out what the most effective technology choice for your intranet is. The best part is that there’s a wide range of possibilities for technology however, we always find that when organizations conduct an evaluation process, SharePoint often emerges as the top option.

SharePoint is still a source of negative reaction for some people. The majority of the time this is due to the previous experiences with older versions of SharePoint which required customisation to be essential for many intranet projectsand implementations could take many months. SharePoint has seen a dramatic change since the time it was first introduced (it’s now named SharePoint Modern) and is today much more efficient with a sleeker user interface, improved performance, and is less dependent on developers. If you’ve experienced negative experiences with SharePoint and SharePoint Modern, then put them aside and be open to new possibilities. Changes have occurred.

This is our opinion of the primary reasons why an SharePoint (or SharePoint Online intranet will likely be the best intranet choice. (Note that when we’re discussing SharePoint we’re also speaking of SharePoint Online too.)

1. SharePoint is the most used option for intranets

SharePoint is the most widely used intranet technology base. This is evident from numerous intranet and digital workplace surveys. Although this isn’t an argument to choose SharePoint in and of itself, it can give some assurance that companies are making use of SharePoint along with SharePoint Online to build amazing intranets.

2. There are many SharePoint intranet-in-a box options

One of the greatest benefits that comes with using SharePoint (and especially SharePoint Online) is the fact that it provides many options in your intranet. While you are able to create an intranet right out from it’s box (i.e. using only SharePoint) however, there’s an increasingly mature market SharePoint intranet-in-a box products that integrate with SharePoint to offer additional templates for sites and layouts for pages as well as ready-built web parts with better governance and other capabilities, making it possible to build exceptional intranets in weeks. These turnkey intranet solutions are extremely efficient, high value, and utilize the capabilities of SharePoint to create the kind of modern intranet complex businesses require.

Since the market is fiercely competitive, many of the options are of very high quality and we use LiveTiles Intranet (formerly known as Wizdom Intranet) and it is according to us, the most effective product available and highly popular. However, the great thing to intranet groups is that that they can choose from a wide range of options.

3. Integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft tools

One of the main benefits of SharePoint is its possibility of integrating to various other Microsoft tools, and more often without the assistance of developers. Integration of Yammer feeds as well as list of Teams spaces, and OneDrive documents is easy and is often completed by content editors, without relying on developers. There are many exciting possibilities to incorporate processes improvement (using Power Automate, for example)) and reports (Power BI) into your intranet as well. This also works in in the reverse direction, meaning it is possible to integrate your intranet experience for instance into Teams.

A close connection with your Intranet as well as the Office office 365 toolkit will allow you to create a fantastic digital workplace experience as well as using your intranet to increase the adoption for Office 365 and establish some management. It is also possible to establish some governance. Microsoft Power Apps now also allow us to quickly create custom applications that integrate seamlessly into your intranet. This is perfect for automating workflows and advanced workflows, as well as connecting to other applications of your company and much more…

4. Flexible, scalable, customisable

One of the strongest advantages that SharePoint has is its flexibility. SharePoint is its versatility and scaling. SharePoint is used in intranets by companies with 100 as well as those with 100,000 employees. It supports various capabilities, including internal communications and collaboration, content services as well as search and findability and much more. Scalability and flexibility become essential when organizations restructure themselves and the strategic goals shift as time passes. SharePoint can also be customized which means it’s possible to design the intranet (or even an entire digital workplace) that is centered around your working style. A lot of IT departments prefer not to use customisation when they can, however, it is still an option for specific use situations. We’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of SharePoint intranets with a bit of modifications.

5. SharePoint is a great platform for publishing content. requirements

The essence of intranets is content. You are able to fully utilize SharePoint to create content with sophisticated publishing and management that will meet the majority of your requirements in internal communications and other areas where content must be properly and managed. Although communication websites have contributed to increase the features for publishing to SharePoint but more advanced features for content publishing such as approval workflows editors’ calendars, news templates automated content reviews , and so on are often offered in subscription boxes.

6. Integration of collaboration in the intranet

Historically, SharePoint was always an effective collaboration tool that was primarily used for team sites. Although Microsoft Teams has perhaps now been crowned the leading collaboration tool but SharePoint intranets SharePoint intranet still brings collaboration into the intranet experience, as well as the day-to-day routine of work. Teams sites are still accessible however, the easy integration of Microsoft Teams and Yammer means that collaboration can continue to be a part of an SharePoint intranet.

7. Management and sharing of documents

Many organizations’ distribution of information as well as collaboration projects, knowledge assets and output are still firmly focused on documents. While this may not be all the time but it’s the reality. SharePoint’s robust document library capabilities have been a significant feature of SharePoint that allows documents sharing, distribution and knowledge management, collaboration and much more. The ease of integrating SharePoint libraries to the SharePoint intranet has been a significant feature which isn’t often acknowledged.

8. Helping to personalise content and aid in content targeted

Modern intranets have the ability to personalize content, which means the content can be tailored to different groups like all employees working at the same location or within a particular department or department or based on rank. This means that different themed content is able to be displayed seamlessly specific to each employee. Furthermore, some intranets allow users to sign up to various subjects that are of interest to them. SharePoint as well as SharePoint Online intranets are able to efficiently support individualisation and targeted content using easy integration of Active Directory profiles to deliver an authentic intranet. Another reason is that SharePoint is a fantastic basis technology for your intranet.

9. Modernity and the modern experience

The evolution of SharePoint contemporary experiences that feature attractive layouts, much more user-friendly publishing interfaces, higher performance, a few very helpful templates for sites and a variety of other enhancements has been the main focus of SharePoint improvements over the last two years. This is quite different from the traditional SharePoint it creates a much more efficient intranet, but it also lets the intranet team become less dependent on IT this was difficult for several groups in previous. The new experience is just one of the many reasons we like SharePoint both as geeky programmers as well as SharePoint consultants, as well, in aiding clients in implementing amazing intranets.

10. Microsoft continues to invest in SharePoint

Over the last several years Microsoft has been engaged in investing its resources in SharePoint as well as SharePoint Online. This has led to the development of contemporary experiences as well as beyond the standard capabilities to support the creation smart intranets. This is likely to continue. The plan for SharePoint is very sound and we are constantly seeing announcements about new features. Recently, we learned about Viva making its debut. You can be sure when you invest in SharePoint will result in the intranet is future-proofed in every sense of the word, and is able to grow and develop with additional options and features.

Have you decided that you think a SharePoint intranet is right for you? What options do you have? You can make something from scratch with the help of the templates and tools offered by SharePoint. Take a look at the SharePoint Lookbook, which contains ready-made templates. We offer a fixed-price package for businesses that want…