Reasons to use Bot for Telegram

Reasons to use Bot for Telegram

In January 2022, Telegram announced that it has 500 million MAUs (monthly active users). In 2021 it will have more 500 millions downloads from the Google Play Store by itself, Telegram is quickly watching the competition, WhatsApp (5 billion) and Facebook (2 billion).).

With its rapid growth as well as claims about security and privacy, Telegram has become an important platform for companies. Businesses are increasingly making use of social media platforms to offer customer support (CSS). With a growing user base, Telegram has become an important platform to be focused on.

What’s a Telegram profile? Telegram group? Telegram channel and Telegram bot?

Telegram is a messenger for chat service that’s very like WhatsApp however, it has an advantage of encryption of data as well as security and privacy. Telegram has created a feature of the fact that if a user opts for an official channel, it does not get access to users contacts or personal information.

In addition users on telegram are able to look up company names and join companies through the discover section. This arrangement functions so that users are able to contact companies when they wish, but businesses are not able to contact customers without permission.

To comprehend the business applications of Telegram We must be acquainted to “Peer Types” of Telegram. “Peers” refer to the “entities” that users are able to interact with Telegram. In the most recent version of Telegram there are four types of peer:

User Profile

User profiles are essentially a person’s account, which is typically registered using the phone number of the user. The peer type is usually intended for private messaging, however, it can also serve as an administrator in groups and channels).

Telegram Group

The Telegram group can be described as a chat group comprised of bots and users that are known as members. Telegram groups can contain up to 200 members, and all members are entitled to make posts in the group. The administrator of the group is granted special rights and can assign the members with ownership of the group so that they can post posts about video and pictures.

Telegram Channel

A Telegram Channel is a subset within Telegram groups. It’s a distinct group that can be subscribed to by an unlimited number of people however only bots and admins can make posts on the channel. Other members of the channel will not make posts.

Telegram Bot

Telegram bots are an individual kind of user who isn’t a person but an application that runs on computers. It can help brands and companies with a variety of functions, including communicating information, reminding and playing music, placing orders and much other. Bots can send an email to an account or group.

Normal users can subscribe to any Telegram bot they’d like to keep informed of. Of all the four types of peer that Telegram bot is the most popular. Telegram bot has many options that can be extremely useful for companies. Telegram offers an API to create bots that can be used for social interactions and productivity, gaming and e-commerce through the platform.

Beyond that, the best Telegram bot can also offer customer support or leads by linking them to the CRM, ticketing system or an online messaging platform. Let’s take a look at the reason why Telegram bots can be extremely valuable to businesses:

5 Benefits of Businesses Choosing to Make use of Telegram Bot

With new use cases for business that are being developed every day for bots, they are becoming increasingly popular to use in a telegram based. Also, a huge thank you to the telegram APIs that allow you to easily create an telegram bot and make it known to gain customers for your business communications.

“A Telegram bot is a tool that can facilitate the interaction between the machine and the user, as well as let machines and users perform the task effortlessly. It allows businesses to stay in contact with users for a long time and gathers the necessary information and more.”

Free Platform

Telegram is completely free, regardless of the amount of messages sent and the nature of its use (professional and personal usage). Because Telegram is available for free to users and also for businesses, it allows companies to find prospective clients by effectively using it. This is why creating a bot on Telegram is cost-free. Businesses can utilize this platform for free to grow their client base by sending out newsletters, offering customer service, or interfacing with them.

Better Engagement

If your customers are using Telegram It is an excellent chance to keep them active since Telegram lets users send videos, audio, and even images to companies. Businesses can design their own marketing campaigns in order to ensure that their clients are entertained in a variety of ways. In addition to marketing, some businesses require 24/7 customer service and so companies can develop chatbots for Telegram or create an employee for customer support to respond to customer inquiries quickly. This allows us to improve our interactions with our customers.


In light of the global trend in hacking for all social media platforms, Telegram is considered quite safe, principally due to the fact that messages are transmitted across the platform encrypted. This is an ideal reason to utilize it for business use because it protects your information as well as your customers’ too. It will provide you and your outfits the security and security you need to talk about the products and services.

The availability

Telegram Messenger is compatible with the majority of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows phones, and desktop applications that work with Mac, Linux, and Windows. In addition, it comes with an online version that allows you to reach out to your customers at a large scale. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about whether your clients aren’t able to connect to this messaging app. With a bot for telegram, you are able to let your customers know the information fast, and they are able to use it at any time and from any place without issue. Accessibility can increase the chance of locating potential buyers and improves rate of conversion.


Telegram is among the early adopters to link your bank account to chat messaging apps. This will let users perform financial transactions between other users or businesses through the platform. This capability will open up more possibilities for companies. At present, this feature is accessible in Russia and Brazil. However, we think it will be soon available in other countries, too. Thus, a telegram bot could let users transfer money or pay for services without having to leave the platform.

What can companies do to leverage Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots are able to help gather leads, offer customer service, send newsletters to customers already in the system showcase portfolios, launch advertising campaigns or even automate certain interactions.


Engaging on Telegram will help you create an online store that customers can quickly access discounts and services and buy them from the first place. Customers can enjoy an amazing shopping experience from making an order through delivery by regularly updating them via text messages. For instance, Amazon’s search and price robot is an excellent option to think about to help customers search for the most affordable price and item based on their needs.

Travel and Hospitality

If you have a bot on Telegram it is possible to use the bot as a travel agency perform on behalf of your company. This will assist customers in getting the best package and provide information about various destinations. You can also help them find the ideal vacation in line with their budget and preferences. Bots can provide answers to questions they have and also provide information about bookings, cancellation policies, and so on. Therefore, get rolling and let your customers enjoy the most memorable holiday ever!.


If you’re in the field of healthcare and you are thinking of how chatbots could aid you, take a look at this! Chatbots can provide rapid medical assistance and support for patients from their own home. As an example, you could be a virtual doctor by making appointments and follow-ups are quick and efficient. Therefore, it can help people organize their routes, get in touch with their respective doctors, and more.


Telegram isn’t just the method to connect, reach out and keep in touch with potential customers, but it’s an efficient tool to automate customer support services and improve several processes to decrease the manual tasks.

In January 2022, Telegram announced that it has 500 million MAUs (monthly active users). In 2021 it will have more 500 millions downloads from the Google Play Store by itself, Telegram is quickly watching the competition, WhatsApp (5 billion) and Facebook (2 billion).). With its rapid growth as well as claims about security and privacy,…