Corporate Gifting Benefits You Need to Know

Corporate Gifting Benefits You Need to Know

If you’ve ever attempted to launch a gift-gifting campaign for a company manually or by hand, you’re likely to know that a gifting platform for corporate use is the most efficient way to start and monitor an effective direct mail campaign at the scale. The fact is that the time and effort required for “DIY” sending could significantly impact your ROI, and impact your team. Automating corporate gifting solutions eliminates this , among other things and makes it a sensible and worthwhile investment.

What exactly is a corporate Gifting Platform?

An automated corporate gifting system is a process for storing, selecting packaging, shipping and delivering corporate gifts and customized merchandise to clients, customers employees, or prospective customers. The platform does more than help recipients get their gifts to their recipients, but it will automatically track the delivery, receipt and response times, and offers valuable tools for analyzing the effect and return on investment of your campaigns.

The old-fashioned way of gifting gifts is certainly effective, but the numerous methods involved in taking the campaign off the ground to delivery require a prohibitive cost of time, and requires an employee to track, monitor and record manually the effectiveness of gifts delivered. This investment in time costs money in terms of time and man-hours and also bogs down marketing or sales teams in manual processes that distract away from their primary goal of connecting and generating sales. The calculation of these human capital costs in your marketing campaigns will reveal the value of switching towards an automated system.

Corporate Gifting Benefits to Be aware of

Beyond the ease of use and return on investment, there are a number of aspects of a corporate gifting platform that make it the perfect solution for teams and companies that wish to make an impression on potential customers and customers without having a negative adverse impact on the productivity or the bottom line.

1. Automation

The most well-known advantage and feature of the corporate gifting platform is its automation — the ability to pick the items, package and ship, personalize and track gifts with minimal to understand manual work or input of data. The best gifting platforms let users (whether groups or individuals) to design a campaign which runs from start to finish using minimal input. It could be a straightforward trigger-based sending campaign in which an action of the end-user will trigger the software to deliver the item (for example for instance, an eGift coffee card to thanks for making a meeting) or a totally customized send, in which the present is chosen according to the recipient’s preferences and is followed by automated delivery and tracking the response. Each of these options is created by the integration of CRM which removes manual processes out of the equation, which includes lengthy processes like delivery and tracker.

2. Scalability

Scalability is among the best benefits of a corporate gifting platform. Every company from small-sized businesses to huge, multi-departmental corporate clients, can benefit of the ability to send corporate gifting organizations. Additionally, due to the incredibly powerful data and CRM integrations discussed above, these campaigns are able to target the most valuable recipients or a larger group of targeted prospects or customers or even fully automated, triggered campaigns to each prospect who gets into a particular phase of your pipeline. The ability to scale lets teams create authentic emotions of connection even when they interact with a wide range of customers.

3. Personalization / Customer Experience

The secret to creating an impression with direct mail, or corporate gift lies to make recipients feel that the gift was thoughtfully planned to them with their own specific desires and needs in mind. Utilizing the information already stored in your CRM , or using the preferences shared through social networks, your recipient can appreciate a gift that is “just to them” that creates more bonds than an unpersonalized gift or swag item. There are a myriad of options for personalized, practical gifts such as drink tumblers particular interest items such as pets-friendly clothing and apparel, team-branded clothing and treats “milestone” things like baby or housewarming presents such as edible treats, craft spirits, as well as experiences like tickets to concerts, airfare and many more.

4. The Journey of the Buyer

The most valuable gift of all time is efficient if you know and quantify its impact on the person who received it. Through automation, you can ensure that gifts are delivered to their intended recipients, keep track of the reaction to these products, and know the impact that the gift had on buying or service choices of some or all recipients. The reports on gifts can help sort through data, and better understand the factors that prompted actions and pushed the needle. This information can help improve and inform future campaigns, providing more opportunities to engage with your target audience and make deals.

5. Budget Control

Budgeting is one of the most challenging aspects of the process of sending because a variety of factors play into the overall efficiency and expense of an entire campaign. With the ability to send almost anything (including direct through online retailers such as Amazon) Pre-selected budget parameters will ensure that your campaign is able to keep the performance of the bottom line and ROI in the forefront. The capability to define granular budget parameters allows your customers to send with the flexibility to choose without having to worry about missing the target.

If you’ve ever attempted to launch a gift-gifting campaign for a company manually or by hand, you’re likely to know that a gifting platform for corporate use is the most efficient way to start and monitor an effective direct mail campaign at the scale. The fact is that the time and effort required for “DIY”…