Why working with a Microsoft Partner benefits SMEs

Why working with a Microsoft Partner benefits SMEs

Being a manager of a medium-sized or small business can be difficult, and having the right resources to assist you on your route can be difficult.

Whatever industry you’re in the quality of you’ll find that your IT infrastructure is essential to the success of your business and operations. How this infrastructure is put in place and managed is more crucial.

Microsoft’s business management software can help SMEs to improve and streamline their processes. However, getting assistance to implement this for your business is crucial. This is the area where Microsoft Partners come in.

What is it being what is Microsoft Partner?

If you’ve been looking for a software company or IT business most likely, you’ve come across Microsoft Partner’s logo. But what does it mean?

Microsoft Azure partners are the official suppliers of Microsoft-related products and services. It means the company has been recognized and approved by Microsoft to provide a specific level of support and sales services for their software products.

Microsoft Partners come in many different sizes, with varying levels of levels of experience, qualifications, and knowledge – this could be confusing. Three levels to Microsoft partnerships which are Certified, Silver and Gold. Knowing the distinction between the three levels is essential when you are trying to find the best partner to meet your company’s needs.

Here’s a brief description of the various types:
Microsoft Certified Partners

This is the entry-level level of becoming a Microsoft Partner. Being a certified partner is easy as simply enrolling in Microsoft Partner Network. Microsoft Partner Network.

Through a modest registration fee managed service providers, managed service providers and cloud solutions providers can be certified as cloud solution providers in the event that they select their fields of expertise and display their professionalism. With this level, companies do not have to demonstrate any skills or qualifications.

Microsoft Silver Partners

As a company rises through to the top of its game, it could be granted silver partnership status. To achieve this, they need to undergo an audit-able approval process for their particular areas of focus. This might involve attending courses or obtaining qualifications.

The conditions for being a silver partner is:

Three customer references are needed to confirm their high quality of service
Two Microsoft Certified Professionals within your company
The exam is a review of the licensing requirements.
The process of passing a marketing and sales competency test

Microsoft Gold Partners

It is the highest level of Microsoft partnership, and is the most prestigious certification that businesses is able to achieve. Microsoft Gold Partners are awarded the certification in recognition of their ability to show top-quality knowledge and competence in their respective field.

The conditions for being a Gold Partner is:

Five customer references are needed to confirm their high quality of service
At least at least four Microsoft Certified Professionals in the company
Achieving a license overview exam
Achieving a sales and marketing competency test
Participation as a participant in CSAT’s index of customer satisfaction (CSAT) Index

Being the Microsoft Gold Partner is far more than just passing an exam, buying licenses or getting couple of clients on board. As an Microsoft Gold Partner ourselves, we can confirm the stringent procedures and audits established to allow you to achieve this initial goal as well as continuously check the quality of services provided to support the certification.

If businesses such as ours are willing to go to these extremes to get the Microsoft partnership, what is the reason? What does this mean for you, a small-to-medium-sized business owner?

The advantages of working with Microsoft Partner Microsoft Partner

There’s plenty of tutorials and info on the internet for Microsoft’s business applications and you can download a trial version for free. If these applications are available so readily and accessible, why not purchase a license yourself and test how you get on?

There are a variety of reasons Microsoft Partners exist, and the reason why they are essential in SMEs adopting the technology they’ll need to take to the next stage.

This is what it can have for your company when you partner with the best Microsoft Partner.

1. You’ll be able to directly connect to experts who are certified

In simple terms most businesses decide to work with Microsoft Gold or Silver partners since, well, they’re experts at what they do.

Certified Microsoft experts possess a greater knowledge of Microsoft’s applications and have the capability to provide specific advice, direction and solutions that meet your requirements.

Much like the way you would go to a mechanic to get its MOT instead of trying to do it on your own, Microsoft Partners are the experts in their domain. They’ll be able to provide a wide range of Microsoft products, ranging from hosted cloud services and integrated enterprise management tools which work for you.

2. You will receive continuous technical support

However tech-savvy you think you or your staff to be as a company grows, there will be a time when IT support from outside is needed.

Small-sized businesses are able to manage minor issues themselves however, as your business grows and managing maintaining your systems becomes a problem and you’ll gain additional assistance.

The possibility of a system downtime is for the biggest nightmare for any business. But, being connected to Microsoft as a Microsoft Partner means that you can access quickly and easily to technical assistance when you require it. And you are confident that the support comes from a business that is knowledgeable about the software you’re using.

3. They ensure that your systems are up-to-date

Microsoft frequently updates and enhances its software in order to provide a an improved user experience as well as enhanced features. Although this is something all businesses can gain from, we’ve witnessed in our own experience that numerous SMEs are struggling to stay current with new technology.

Microsoft Partners have the advantage of having access to this technology immediately and also have training resources to keep them up-to-date about the latest technology developments. This gives you assurance that your systems aren’t just up-to-date and can also transfer the most recent knowledge and technology training to your company.

4. They provide a variety of custom solutions

In the current fast-paced digital age using a cookie cutter cloud-based service won’t do it. Microsoft Partners have the skills and experience to customize the solution to meet your company’s requirements.

The idea of implementing Microsoft software on your own could cause you to not get the most benefit from it, or pay for something isn’t what you really want. There might be a better option that you can choose from and only Microsoft Partners Microsoft Partner can assist you in this.

Microsoft Partners can help you to build and improve your existing software to ensure you get the most value for your money. Customized add-ons from Microsoft Partners can assist you go beyond and beyond what is available in the market.

5. The services they provide are of the highest quality.

It is a given it is a fact that Microsoft Gold and Silver Partners are continually screened and have to demonstrate their worth to keep their status as partners. This gives you immediate assurance that the service you’re getting is of the best quality that has been confirmed by Microsoft.

6. They have a direct connection with Microsoft

As a partner, you get access to the market to Microsoft and Microsoft, in a sense and this could be beneficial over the long term.

Benefits include having a designated contact from Microsoft who is available to give advice or solutions, as well as answer any questions as required. Microsoft Partners also get exclusive access to support, resources and training, which allows them improve their services, and then pass on the knowledge to you.

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Being a manager of a medium-sized or small business can be difficult, and having the right resources to assist you on your route can be difficult. Whatever industry you’re in the quality of you’ll find that your IT infrastructure is essential to the success of your business and operations. How this infrastructure is put in…