The Top 5 Apollo Alternatives For 2024


The Top 5 Apollo Alternatives For 2024

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Explore the best database alternatives to for effective B2B prospecting and lead generation.

  • Best for routing leads to sales reps: ZoomInfo
  • Best for lead list building: UpLead
  • Best provider supporting advanced data hygiene: Lusha
  • Best provider with simple user interface: Lead411
  • Best for data enrichment: Clearbit

Apollo is a robust B2B database provider that offers end-to-end sales data and tracking. With a variety of features like lead routing, browser extensions and pipeline forecasting, its solution can be scalable to meet an organization’s needs. Here, we’re comparing similar providers and their key offerings to help guide you in finding the right fit for your business.

1 CallTrackingMetrics

Employees per Company Size

Micro (0-49), Small (50-249), Medium (250-999), Large (1,000-4,999), Enterprise (5,000+)

Small (50-249 Employees), Medium (250-999 Employees), Large (1,000-4,999 Employees), Enterprise (5,000+ Employees) Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise


Dashboards, Mobile Capabilities, Phone System Integration, Reporting/Analytics, Social Media Integration

Top Apollo competitors and alternatives: Comparison table

Having a strong B2B database provider can level up any business’ lead generation strategy while also cleansing and segmenting the incoming data for effective outreach. Here we’ve highlighted four additional major features offered by the top B2B databases.

Buyer intentdata
Lead scoring
Contact for quote
Free starting price
Free starting price
$99/mo per user
Free starting price

Top Apollo competitors

Below are B2B databases that offer similar features to what you’d get when using Apollo. We’ll dive into each provider’s ideal use case as well as their pricing information, key features and pros and cons.

ZoomInfo: Best for routing leads to sales reps

Image: ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a powerful B2B database provider with both sales, marketing and recruitment capabilities. With their special lead routing functionality, incoming leads will be segmented and distributed to actively online sales reps or reps specifically experienced with leads of that kind through special automates and rules.


  • Native phone dialer: Build multi-touch cadences with leads right from the platform with their native phone and email tools.
  • Cross channel marketing: Design targeted display and social media advertising to use across multiple channels.
  • Website chat: Set lead alerts to engage best-fit buyers or automate lead-qualifying interactions in real time right from your business website.

Caption: ZoomInfo Chat feature. Image: ZoomInfo


  • 14-day free trial.
  • Large internal lead database.
  • Identifies anonymous site visitors.


  • Limited pricing information available.
  • Buyer intent cost extra.
  • User reports of a steep platform learning curve.


  • SalesOS: Access company insights and contact information. Contact for quote.
  • MarketingOS: Pipeline management and digital marketing solutions. Contact for quote.
  • TalentOS: Source and manage candidates for company recruitment. Contact for quote.

For a full comparison of ZoomInfo vs. Apollo, check out our article, where we dive deeper into each B2B database provider and their functionality.

UpLead: Best for lead list building

Image: UpLead

UpLead is a B2B data provider and technology company providing access to verified B2B contacts with direct email addresses and phone numbers. Search through their 155+ million contacts by industry, location, sales volume, number of employees, public vs. private, contact title, job function and more. Click on any search filter and generate an automatic list of qualified leads in real-time.


  • Chrome extension: Search for individual and company information with their browser plugin directly from the lead’s website or LinkedIn page.
  • Email verification tool: Find email addresses in bulk and then verify their accuracy in real time.
  • Intent data marketing: Discover what potential clients want to know before making a purchase, and use that information to strategize marketing efforts.

Caption: UpLead data intent filtering example. Image: UpLead


  • No setup fee.
  • 155+ million contacts.
  • 95% accuracy guarantee.


  • Short trial period compared to industry standards.
  • Users report outdated dashboard UI.
  • User reports of billing complications.


  • Test Drive: Get five credits and verified email addresses and phone numbers for seven days.
  • Essentials: Everything in the Test Drive plus CRM integration and 170 monthly credits for $99/month.
  • Plus: Everything in the Essentials plus data enrichment and 400 monthly credits for $199/month.
  • Professional: Everything in the Plus tier, plus buyer intent data and a custom amount of monthly credits. Contact for quote.

Lusha: Best provider supporting advanced data hygiene

Image: Lusha

Lusha is a go-to-market intelligence B2B platform supporting sales, marketing and recruitment teams. Their platform and plugins can integrate with APIs and other third-party tools to maintain a fresh and always up-to-date database of leads. They prioritize privacy and security and are accredited under ISO 27701, the top international privacy standard.


  • Buyer intent: Use behavioral data to know when targeted decision-makers are ready to purchase a solution like yours.
  • Browser plugin: Search and find contact information for leads from anywhere on the web.
  • Activity alerts: Get notified when your prospect makes a change that influences their buying potential, such as a job title change.

Caption: Lusha activity alert feature. Image: Lusha


  • CCPA/ GDPR compliant.
  • Quick client onboarding and instant access.
  • Affordable option for small businesses.


  • No data accuracy guarantee.
  • Limited social media lead prospecting.
  • User reports of occasional incomplete profiles.


  • Free: Receive free credits and direct phone number for one free user.
  • Pro: Get everything in the Free tier, plus list management and exports, for $29 per user/month.
  • Premium: Get everything in the Pro tier plus bulk prospecting and analytic access for $51 per user/month.
  • Scale: Get everything in the Premium tier plus CVS enrichment and CRM integrations for a custom quote.

Lead411: Best provider with simple user interface

Image: Lead411

Lead411 is a sales intelligence solution and B2B database provider that offers fresh, unlimited sales leads and IT intelligence within a simple dashboard UI. Offering a variety of data solutions, Lead411 converts sales intelligence into actionable data for you to understand at a glimpse where to focus sales engagement and outreach.


  • Data verification: Avoid stale data through a strict re-verification process that formats and researches data constantly.
  • Buyer intent data: Automatically filter and segment leads based on whether they have an immediate need for your product or service.
  • Lead scoring: Use their ​​Growth Intent Algorithm to identify high-quality leads with multiple growth indicators to strategize when to begin nurturing these new clients.

Caption: Lead411 dashboard with sample lead scores. Image: Lead411


  • Domestic and international lead sourcing.
  • Robust analytic and reporting capabilities.
  • Integrates with 25+ CRMs.


  • More expensive option.
  • Limited customer support.
  • Reports of slow exporting.


  • Basis Plus Unlimited: $99/mo per user for unlimited email views and 2,400 exports a year.
  • Pro with Bombora Intent: Everything in Basic+ with 10,000 exports a year. Contact for quote.
  • Unlimited: Everything in Basic+ with unlimited exporting and dedicated support. Contact for quote.

Clearbit: Best for data enrichment

Image: Clearbit

Clearbit, by HubSpot, uses real-time enrichment to provide full profiles on every lead, contact and account to help convert your best opportunities at the right time. Imported data is automatically refreshed as soon as their machine learning tools detect a change. Clearbit also seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party marketing and sales tools.


  • Lead segmenting: Create precise lead targeting workflows to drive better engagement.
  • Database migration: Merge your existing database, even if it’s large, to transfer and cleanse all leads and profiles.
  • Website lead tracking: Attach short and attractive lead generation forms to your webpages for more conversions.

Caption: Clearbit website visitor tracking tool. Image: Clearbit


  • Variety of integration options.
  • Offers a free version.
  • Includes a mobile application.


  • No data accuracy guarantee.
  • No lead engagement functionality.
  • Limited industry-specific segmenting.


  • Free: Basic access to 25 credits a month and Hubspot pipeline building.
  • Growth: 125-1,000 credits a month plus qualified leads for $50-$275/month.
  • Business: If you want more or are an enterprise level company, contact for a custom quote.

Is Apollo worth it?

Apollo is worth it for businesses who want a B2B database that can help identify and engage with qualified leads. If you’re looking for a provider who can build automated multi-step touchpoints with your high quality leads, Apollo is for you. Their free tier is also pretty robust, including limited credits and basic filtering features, making them a very scalable provider to match your business size and needs.

You should still consider an Apollo competitor if you want no download or import limits, landing page form builders or if you’re prioritizing international lead generation.

Apollo pros and cons

Here are some of Apollo’s top pros and cons. At a glance, Apollo comes with a large database of prequalified contacts as well as a high email information accuracy rate. There are also some user reports regarding contact profiles and platform complexity to consider.

275+ million contactsUser reports of incomplete profiles
14-day free trialSteep platform learning curve
98% email accuracyLimited international lead data

Apollo pricing

Apollo offers different pricing tiers depending on your team size, how many credits and total lead exports you want a year.

  • Free: Basic sequence automations plus 60 credits and 120 exports a year.
  • Basic: $49 per user/mo for 900 credits and 12,000 exports a year.
  • Professional: $79 per user/mo for 1,200 credits and 24,000 exports a year.
  • Organization: $119 per user/mo for 2,400 credits and 48,000 exports a year.

Do you need an alternative to Apollo?

Apollo is a solid option for businesses as they start to build out lead lists with actionable insights, especially with its general affordability. Some users may find the platform itself complex, especially compared to other options with similar price points. Ultimately, though, you have to decide if its enrichment and engagement capabilities will adequately support your particular database and lead generation needs.

For a full list of the top B2B database providers, check out our guide, where we evaluate more providers with their key features, pros and cons and more.


To evaluate each of Apollo’s top competitors and help identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, we compiled information directly from each provider’s websites and resources, including top features, customer support, prices and scalability. We also took into account verified user reviews to gain insight into user experiences with features only available with paid tiers.

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We may earn from vendors via affiliate links or sponsorships. This might affect product placement on our site, but not the content of our reviews. See our Terms of Use for details. Explore the best database alternatives to for effective B2B prospecting and lead generation. Best for routing leads to sales reps: ZoomInfo Best…